Where To Apply For Islamic Finance Loans In The UAE?

Finance Loans In The UAE


When taking out a loan anywhere in the world, you’ll need a good credit score and be able to meet the lender’s eligibility criteria. There are many lending options in the UAE, from multinational banks to specialist Islamic banks. There are a great many reasons why people in the UAE may need bank loans, whether for home improvements, travel, setting up a business or consolidating debts.

It is essential to know where to go to get the best deals on loans in the UAE. There are options for financing through payday loans, but as in the rest of the world, these often come with sky-high interest rates. If you want to take out an Islamic loan in the UAE, it is best to choose a reputable bank that is Sharia compliant.

Emirates NBD

Emirates NBD offers a range of loans to its customers, providing you reach the minimum requirements and have proof of income. Emirates NBD offers a competitive interest rate and low fees, making them an ideal bank for anyone in need of a fuss-free personal loan. The repayment is also flexible, allowing you to pay back your loan anytime within four years.

Finance House

Finance House offers a range of loan options to suit any requirements, from small short-term loans to higher long-term options. Finance House offers one of the lowest interest rates available, making them very attractive for any loan and financing needs. They also provide highly customizable services, allowing customers to tailor their loan requests to their specific needs. You will need to prove a minimum salary requirement to access Finance House’s loans, typically around AED 5,000.


ADCB offers a range of Islamic loans to help cover critical expenses like emergencies and education. ADCB provides a simple and accessible process to make getting a loan easier than ever. ADCB also allows you to settle up a loan early without any kind of fee, making it excellent for people who want flexibility in their loans. ADCB’s range of Islamic finance loans makes it an inclusive and accessible loan provider for people from all walks of life.

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank offers excellent flat-rate financing options, with preferential profit rates for UAE nationals. Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank aims to make financing work for every individual customer and offer a range of services to help make repayments easier to manage. These include an initial first repayment holiday of up to 90 days, and two repayment postponements per year, making it an ideal financing choice for anyone on a tight budget.

First Abu Dhabi Bank

First Abu Dhabi Bank offer loans and financing that suit the individual needs of the customer. With strong financial standing, customers can benefit from very advantageous interest or profit rates. In addition, First Abu Dhabi Bank strives to provide a simple and streamlined application process to make accessing their financing easier than ever. Some financing options even come with complementary insurance to further improve and strengthen their customers’ finances.

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