What Should You Do If Your Lawyer Is Not Helping You?

 what to do if your lawyer isn't helping you


At times, clients find that their lawyer is not helping them. The client gets perplexed as a solution to legal issues like filing an insurance claim gets delayed.

In such a case of an uncooperative attorney, the client should not feel the ways for legal redress are blocked. There are ways the client unhappy with the lawyer hired can shoot this trouble. If you are worried about what to do if your lawyer isn’t helping you, this article can help you take corrective action and measure.

Here are five tips to follow if your lawyer is not helping you:

Change Your Lawyer

It’s the most common practice in the case of the attorney not helping the client. The trust deficit may arise if the attorney is not fighting your claims or other related issues. But your time to get an insurance claim gets delayed because of their unprofessional attitude.

It can help the insurance company to fix the damage at a far lower amount than you deserve. You have no alternative but to change the attorney.

You Can Lodge A Complaint Against the Lawyer

When a lawyer is uncooperative, and you suspect he or she is cheating on you, get an official complaint filed against the attorney in the bar association or the state’s Lawyer Discipline Agency.

The agency is the final authority for issuing the license to the lawyer and also disciplining an attorney in the cases of complaints against them by the client.

You Can Seek a Second Opinion on Your Case

The client reserves the right to seek a second opinion on the case from other lawyers if the existing lawyer doesn’t assist you. Even if you don’t fire your existing lawyer, you can hire someone else to fight the case.

Mediatory Help Can Be Sought

You can consider taking the help of a mediator. It can be a viable alternative if you find your lawyer is not cooperating or somewhat keeping you in dark about the case or even cheating on you.

A mediator, through his or her negotiation skills, can help you get an amicable settlement of the case. A mediator may turn the table in your favor through negotiations.

Legal Action Possible if Your Attorney Cheating on You

It happens at times that your lawyer resorts to outside court settlement and gets money meant for you. What to do if the lawyer is sitting on the money and not giving it to you—which is legally yours?

A criminal case can be filed against the concerned attorney. Such action may force the lawyer to pay you what is your right. You may get back the legal compensation the lawyer is holding.

In Conclusion

Though you will rarely come across such a situation when a hired lawyer won’t cooperate, it’s better to know relevant rules to tackle such an issue. However, you can stay safe when you hire an experienced attorney who has an incredible reputation in the market.

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