Storage containers that are mostly used day to day

Storage containers that are mostly


Container units are always a part of the shipping industry, transport, and trade. These storage containers have different products that need to ship from one place to another. It will also depend on what products you are going to transport as they will have proper storage for it.

These containers will protect the products from the long travel time to make sure that it is surely safe. It will matter on the structure, materials, and dimensions of the shipping containers. You need to reach the requirements of different kinds of shipping.

The dry storage container

It is the most used container in the shipping industry. It has 20, 40, and 45 feet which are perfect for transporting dry goods. When you think that it has temperature controls they don’t have. It is not ideal for food or any chemicals that need to be refrigerated.

The flat rack container

It is a type of container that has no top and it has only two sides. It is good for heavy loads that need to have a rack from the top of the sides. These containers are 20 to 40 feet long and it is made of steel for durability and sturdiness. There are other containers that are collapsible and it has walls that are tied to the frames.

The open-top container

It is a dry storage type that has no top which is an easy loading for bulk cargo. It also has a roof structure and plastic. So you can secure the container by using the ropes and it will protect the product from any rain and other climate.

The open side storage container

A container that has one long side which is open. It is great for wide products which are hard to get through to a dry storage container or tunnel container. Its side wings are open like two large doors. Although it is still secured to handle all the products inside.

The refrigerated container

The shipping container has a controlled temperature. It is great for shipping perishable products to long distances.

The ISO tanks

The ISO tanks are perfect for holding liquids. It is made out of anti-corrosive materials due to the chemicals that are being used to hold them. These might be also good for carrying dry goods such as sugar. Although these tanks are used for carrying liquids.

The Half height containers

The storage container is made out of steel. It is a half-height container that is good for carrying stones, coal, and more. It is used to have easy loading and unloading.

The Car carriers

The car carriers are custom made for shipping cars for long travel distances. To make things easier it has a collapsible side which a car can fit inside of the containers without any damage.

The special-purpose container

The container is custom-made for any special purpose. It is mostly used for weapons and arsons. The material and construction composition will matter depending on how special it is. But mostly the security must be serious.

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