Signs You Need Automatic Door Repair

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If you use an automatic door, repairs are almost inevitable. It’s an issue that can occur suddenly and cause problems if you rely on the door for day-to-day operations.

While automatic door issues can be frustrating, there are usually some signs of a problem. Keep reading to find out the top signs you should call for automatic door repair New York.

Slower Than Usual Response Times

The whole purpose of automatic doors is to open in a timely manner when the button is pressed. If your door takes longer to open than what is considered reasonable, it is a good idea to contact a repair service for help. You can try to clean the door sensor using alcohol first and then test the door a few times. If the problem continues after cleaning and repairs, it may be time to examine the exterior for any signs of trouble, such as dirt or condensation.

Creaking Sounds

Even if your door responds properly, it may still make creaky sounds as it opens and closes. You may also notice the door moves back and forth as it opens, which is another indication of a problem. Sometimes, the issue can be resolved by lubricating the tracks, or it may be time to adjust the door’s alignment. In some situations, you will have to replace the tracks and rollers.

Flowing Air

It doesn’t matter if the air is flowing in or out when the automatic door is shut; it will likely cost you money on your heating and cooling costs. You should never notice airflow through the door. There are rubber gaskets installed on the door to help limit this. As time passes, the gaskets can break down, dry out, and crack. Even if the door is flush when it is closed, air can get through the gaskets after they are compromised. Try to feel around the edges when the door is shut to see if there is any air going out or coming in.

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