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Custom Bookmarks


Business has its own challenges. First of all, you need to provide them with the brand information, and then comes the main challenge and that is encouraging them to hold on to that information. It is extremely tricky to create attractive and informational items especially when you are tight with your budget. However, there is always a solution and one phenomenal option is custom bookmarks that help all sizes of businesses alike. If you have a high-quality bookmark then it is going to be helpful for the customers and it will also keep your brand right in front of their eyes. Such types of bookmarks include all the vital information which means not large enough but large enough to hold enough information. This guide is going to help you know more about this powerful tool, how it will help you with bookmark marketing, and how you can use them to your benefit.

Perfect size and inexpensive

You might be knowing about the small custom printed items, bookmarks are similar to them but are a much more affordable option even if you are having the smallest or the biggest size. They are available in different sizes such as

  1. 2”x 6”
  2. 2×7
  3. 2.5 x8.5

When you have ideal sizes it is going to help the customers with their own print marketing.  There is a flexibility factor and one can also use a small sized bookmark on a small project like an event ticket. These sizes are also ideal for coupons where you need to print any promotional information besides contact information. Coupons are longer compared to business cars; these types of bookmarks are not going to be easily lost. The majority of businesses use business cards where professionals might keep them in their wallets, but if we talk about customers they might lose them easily. As compared to business cards bookmarks are going to be more memorable for everyone.

Promote your brand with printed goods

No matter if you are the owner of a big business or a smaller one, every business needs strategies when it comes to reaching its potential customers. There are thousands of ways by which marketing is done in modern times. There are multiple campaigns that one can conduct and many other events can be planned. However huge campaigning and events are just possible for the big businesses. Smaller ones might not be able to afford them still you need to remind your customers of your brand. Bookmarks are physical reminders and they can easily fit into your budget.

Interesting for all ages

There is a huge number of customer demographics who love to read or are in touch with books.  Bookmarks have a huge appeal among these customers. Almost every person has a notebook so bookmarks are useful for them. There are students who use bookmarks on a regular basis and even readers who love to have bookmarks in their books to keep track of the readings. In schools, bookmarks are used as prizes for achievements in school events and competitions. Bookmarks with inspiring messages always help readers as well as students. You can get a custom made message to make the bookmark more attractive. Businesses can donate bookmarks to schools and even libraries with their brand name or logo on them as a tool of free publicity.

Beautiful colors, information, and logo

Custom bookmarks are full in color and they also have information on them. There are attractive designs that can be used with a textured or bright color background. All this will make an eye catching bookmark and your customers are definitely going to hold them. There is full color as well as a plain color background which can be used. One can use illustrations, pictures, and smaller graphics to make the bookmark more attractive. At the bottom, you can use a call to action and encourage your customers. The best bookmarks are the ones with glossy cardstock, and thick ones that appear used of good quality.

Creative and writers

Comic book writers, authors, illustrators, professionals, and creative hobbyists, everyone can use a bookmark and can be creative with it. If your idea is full of creativity you can yourself make a bookmark that will be beloved by all the creative minds. Everyone can make a bookmark and there is lots of help available online. There are personalized bookmarks that can help promote a brand. And then there are custom bookmarks that will help you test your creativity. 

There is a printing company from where you can get help to get a custom made bookmark. Professionals at Environ Print can help your business grow with various size bookmarks and designs from where you can pick that suits your needs and preferences. For bookmarks, banners and more printing items get the best designs here.

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