Why Your Firearms Need A Corrosion Protection

Firearms Need A Corrosion Protection


For firearm users, keeping their guns protected is a big challenge because corrosion is the most 

common issue that can damage your expensive investment. Many users keep their guns protected in a gun safe. But, does a gun safe offer complete protection to your firearms. Probably No. the common factor that leads to corrosion issues in a gun safe is its material. But, there are many solutions to keep your rifles damage free. The corrosion-resistant spray is one of the common products for protecting your gun. Let’s discuss more things about it. 

It is a common fact that a gun safe designed for your gun can cause corrosion. Modern gun safes are made of many components. It has a steel shell, which takes the layers of drywall. Corrosion happens due to the chemical interactions in these materials. 

Elemental sulfur: 

Drywall contains elemental sulfur. When the chemical comes in contact with the moisture, it reacts and forms hydrogen sulfide and sulfuric acid. 


Formaldehyde is another chemical present in the drywall. A dispersant is another component of 

drywall slurry. Sulfonated naphthalene-formaldehyde condensates become the dispersing agent. When these agent gets vaporized, your gun safe gets exposed to a caustic environment. 


Pyrite is another compound that causes corrosion in your gun safe. Pyrite is iron sulfide that 

responds to the presence of Oxygen that converts it into iron and sulfur. 

Is a gun safe causing corrosion to your gun? 

Before searching for the answer, you must know whether your gun safe is corrosive or not. When comes the modern-day gun safe, it is made of drywall. The chemicals in the drywall and other byproducts in your gun safe cause a caustic reaction that may damage your gun also. 

It is true that the drywall may contain sulfur. When the environment is humid, it forms hydrogen 

sulfide or sulfuric acid. It is one of the reasons for the corrosion in your gun safe. 

There are different products available in the market, which can protect your gun from corrosion. 

the corrosion-resistant spray is another innovative option that keeps your firearms and guns safe and protected from corrosion. 

How to keep your gun protected in a gun safe? 

If you are keeping your gun in a gun safe, you can replace the inner part of your gun safe with the non-corrosion-causing materials. But, it is a time-consuming and expensive task. 

There are other options that you can try to keep your gun safe. You can regularly check the 

environment of your gun safe, especially the temperature and the moisture levels. Coating your gun is another way of keeping it corrosion-free.

Remember that temperature and humidity are the crucial factors that may damage your gun. Check the interior of your gun safe and maintain adequate temperature. Humidity causes rust corrosion on your gun, reducing its performance level. 

You will get an array of products in the market to keep your gun always in the best conditions. the corrosion-resistant spray is a popular product that easily meets your demand without harming your rifles. Choosing a popular brand for this product will help you get the desired result for your gun protection. 

Many gun owners opt for the wax coating for their guns. It needs disassembling your guns and thorough cleaning. A proper placing of your gun safe also holds importance in this regard. The exterior wall of your house should be avoided for your gun safe. The temperature changes dramatically on the exterior wall, causing harm to your guns. A constant temperature is very desirable for keeping your rifle in a protected condition.

Spectrum Coating brings innovative approaches for coating your guns and other objects to keep them protected from corrosion. The brand is known for its unique application methods that suit an array of products, including guns to motorcycles. 

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