Back with a bang: Dubai property market hits AED10bn in the first week of 2023

Dubai property market


The Dubai property market is back with a bang, as the first week of 2023 saw a whopping AED 10 billion worth of real estate transactions. This is the highest-ever recorded weekly transaction value in the history of the Emirate. The rush of investors to invest in the Dubai property market has been spurred by the economy’s resurgence and the market’s stabilizing. Dubai’s real estate sector has seen a significant revival in the past 12 months, with several high-profile developments being launched and a slew of new investments being made.

The surge in demand for residential and commercial real estate has been attributed to investors’ growing confidence in the Dubai market, bolstered by the launch of the Dubai Land Department’s new unified platform, which allows buyers to purchase properties easily. The positive outlook for Dubai’s property market is further bolstered by the Emirate’s diversified economy, favorable tax rates, and the availability of attractive financing options and investment products. This first week of 2023 has undoubtedly set the tone for a bullish 2021 in the Dubai property market, with bullish sentiment likely to continue throughout the year. So if you are planning to buy a property in Dubai, get in touch with professional Real Estate Agents in Dubai.

The increased activity is also good news for the local economy, with the tourism sector expected to benefit from increased visitor numbers. The DLD also reported that most transactions were for residential property, with the highest number of transactions in Dubai Marina.

Reasons that contributed to the steady growth of the real estate market in Dubai

Strategic Location

Dubai is strategically located between the East and West, making it an ideal gateway to the Middle East, Africa, and the Indian subcontinent. This makes it an attractive destination for investors who want to capitalize on the region’s booming economy.

Political Stability

Dubai has a stable and transparent political system, which is crucial for investors and businesses. Dubai is one of the most politically stable countries in the region, and its laws and regulations are conducive to foreign investment and business.

Tax Benefits

Dubai offers tax benefits to foreign investors, including no corporate income tax or capital gains tax. This provides an excellent incentive for investors to take advantage of the city’s booming real estate market.

Affordable Property Prices

Dubai is one of the few cities with affordable property prices worldwide. This makes it an attractive destination for investors, as they can get a great investment return. Before buying a property, get professional help for property valuation in Dubai.

Economic Growth

Dubai’s strong economic growth has increased the demand for real estate in the city, resulting in higher prices and a record-breaking AED10bn in the first week of 2023.

Population Growth

The population of Dubai has been increasing steadily, with an influx of people from all over the world looking for a better lifestyle and job opportunities. This has increased the demand for housing, resulting in higher prices.

Infrastructure Development

Dubai has been undergoing massive infrastructure development, constructing new roads, airports, and other public amenities. This improved infrastructure has made it easier for buyers to purchase properties in the city, further driving up prices.

Ease of Doing Business

Dubai has become an attractive destination for businesses due to its favorable business environment and tax incentives. This has resulted in more investments in the city, increasing the demand for real estate.


Dubai is one of the most visited cities in the world, with millions of tourists visiting the city every year. The influx of tourists has increased the demand for property, further driving up prices.

Various other factors, such as the return of expats, the increase in job opportunities, the introduction of new projects, and the easing of mortgage regulations, are driving the steady growth of the real estate market in Dubai. The market started the year with a bang, with the total value of transactions in the first week of 2023 reaching AED10bn.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the market is expected to continue its positive performance in the coming months, as the demand for real estate in the city remains high. With more projects being launched and regulations easing, the market will likely stay buoyant throughout 2023.

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