35 great content ideas to attract leads

35 great content ideas to attract leads


The content offer is at the heart of Inbound Marketing’s approach . By providing your visitors with content that interests them, you greatly increase your chances of conversion .

Having previously created your buyer personas , you should normally have an idea of ​​the offers that will have a good chance of attracting your leads .

This is not the case ? Rest assured, the Super Agency offers you the list of the best content to publish on your website!

Attracting leads effectively requires a clear view of the types of content your target wants!

We have categorized these ideas into seven categories: blog, eBook, studies, computer graphics, tool, promo and video.

1 – Blog articles: the essential

It is the main tool of your Inbound Marketing approach . This is a more informal expression space than the informative pages of your site . You can interact with your customers and prospects. To be effective, you can blog on:

  1 – An event where you will soon be present as a show or seminar.
2 – A prize, a reward or a financing obtained by your company . You can then explain how this concerns your prospects (ISO Certification, quality label, etc.)
3 – The strong or emerging trends in your market, and their consequences on your prospects.
4 – The market trends of your customers , and how your product responds to the associated challenges.
5 – The results of a study that you conducted .
6 – A relevant use orOriginal your product or your service
7 – The stories about you as ” The 10 things you did not know about [your company].” This can be an opportunity to make known to your customers services or products they do not know yet. 8 – A discovery or innovation specific to your market. Remember to mention the people who are at the origin.
2 – The eBook: convenient and downloadable

EBooks serve two purposes: the need for quality visitor content and your need for conversions.

In French, e-book is translated by e-book. It has gradually become the most used content format in Inbound Marketing strategies .

Easy to design, it is available as a file to be read directly online or downloaded for later reading on a tablet for example. Here are some ideas:

  9 – Make a downloadable document available from its product catalog. Make it fun to read by adding illustrations or images. 10- Produce a summary sheet simple and concise on the features and benefits of your products.

11 – Make an ebook about a specific need or problem that your prospects often encounter . You can then show how your product is a solution. 12 – Create a practical guide to help the purchase decision (For example: how to choose your Hi-Fi system or what is the best phone subscription for me, etc.) 13 – Propose a checklist to help your prospects in their process (For example: The 10 things to check when buying a computer online) 14 – Write a card detailing amazing statistics (and interesting) but little known about your product or market. 15 – Create a

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