Top 5 tips for a quality prospect file

Top 5 tips for a quality prospect file


As a commercial, you probably only have one Bible (and what’s more, you wrote it, the class!): Your prospect file. The comparison with a Bible – as with any sacred text for that matter – stops there: the file prospect must live, evolve, regularly enrich new contacts and be checked a few times to continue generating qualified leads. How to do it ? Which means are really effective? Check out our top 5 tips for a quality prospect file!

1 / Be an active member of your network

In trade, money calls money, and contacts call contacts . Colleagues, friends, partners, suppliers, customers, indirect relations, professionals crossed at a trade show, speakers … You must seize all the opportunities available to you to maintain and expand your network . Better: you must be the one who initiates the interactions .
As you make contact, you will be recommended to potential prospects . And you will be able to add them to your file , in the category “to remember quickly $$$”!

2 / Build an effective online presence

The commercial always on the roads is an endangered species. Prospects are also won on the internet . This is called inbound marketing . By adopting an online strategy (for example, based on newsletters, blog posts and content sharing on professional social networks), you will encourage prospects to contact you and join the ranks on their own. of your prospecting file. She is not beautiful, life?

3 / Consult the professional directories

It is a simple trick, but very effective for finding quality professional contacts . The Chambers of Commerce and Industry hold for the most part all kinds of professional directories , available on site. Go and see if your hunting ground is B to B!

4 / Organize your prospect file

We do not mix towels and towels: if your prospect file must be a reliable basis , you must create different categories for those who are already customers and those who – let’s be optimistic! – will become so. Otherwise, you risk making your prospect file unusable at worst, or at best, wasting precious time before you go to the customer.

5 / Regularly check your file information

This is obvious, but the first thing that goes to the trap in times of laziness – Monday morning and Friday especially. Your prospect file should contain only up- to-date information . So, once a semester, spend a day checking your data : Does Mr. Pignon still work on his Quetma file? Is Mr. Brochand still an editor? Is Mr Menot still advertising? This series of checks can be done by searching the net – or by picking up your phone, which is also a good opportunity to hear from your prospects !

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