Top 10 jobs in Canada for Indian Students in 2022

jobs in Canada


There are many employment opportunities in the countries such as the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Japan, France, and many other small destinations. However, the abundant and unique jobs in Canada come with future benefits for the Indian Students. After Canadian education, you can achieve a post-graduate work permit wherein you can obtain Canadian experience for one to three years. With that Canadian education and experience, the doors will open for Canadian Permanent residency and settlement with your family.

Everybody wants to study abroad,but you need to identify the real reasons to study abroad. You must get the right course, the right education that can help you for the rest of your life and create opportunities for your employment.Skilled professionals may find it difficult to crack the complex immigration norms of the developed country, but they can pin hopes on Canada job Visa with the JobsVisas (A brand of Abhinav immigration), a division dedicated to overseas employment, recruitment, training, and settlement.

Below are the top 10 jobs in Canada for Indian professionals and students in 2022:

There is a huge gap in the demand and supply of professionals, creating a huge opportunity for international students. Below are the 10 jobs in Canada for Indians:

  • Surgeon– CAD 340,000 per annum. There are many opportunities for physicians, neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons, and cardiothoracic surgeons. Students must need MD with a residency program in chosen specialization for better jobs in Canada
  • Psychiatrist– CAD 290,000 per annum. A psychiatrist can be specialized in Clinical Psychology, Patient Counselling, Treatment Planning, Diagnosis, and mental disorders treatment. According to the Job Bank Data, new job seekers entering the field will be more than 20,000.
  • Dentist– CAD 230,000 per annum. It includes the job roles of Dental Hygienist, Dental Assistant, and Office Administrator. The applicant will need a Master’s degree in Dentistry. More than 15,000 new jobs are expected to be created in 2022 for dentists.
  • Engineering Managers– CAD 200,000 per annum. Applicants can work as Quality Product Engineers, Control Manager, and Design Manager with a reputed company in Canada. You will need a Master’s Degree in Engineering Management degree from Canada or equivalent.
  • IT Manager– CAD 200,000 per annum. Canada has a robust IT and Tech industry which creates huge opportunities for the positions like IT Operations Manager, IT Director, and Senior IT Manager. You may need a bachelor’s in CS or a diploma in engineering from Canada for a Canada job Visa.
  • Marketing Manager– CAD 196,000 per annum. For better jobs, you work in Digital Marketing Manager, Senior Marketing Manager, and Marketing Director positions. You need to have MBA in Canada or MS with domain specialization in Marketing.
  • Sales Manager – CAD 187,000 per annum. Canada presents huge opportunities for those who study sales operations and business development. You can find jobs within the profile of Sales Managers, Sales Executives, Business Development Managers, and Retail & Wholesale Managers.
  • Business operation Manager – CAD 164,000 per annum. The business management officers and managers can find great jobs in Canada for Indians, considering the presence of small and medium scales businesses in the country.
  • Construction Manager– CAD 150,000 per annum. There are lots of vacancies for the positions of You Project Coordinator, Project Manager, and Site Inspector accompanied with Bachelor or Master’s degree in Civil Engineering from Canada.
  • Software Developer – CAD 112,000 per annum. IT Sector is the booming industry in Canada, creating maximum opportunities every year for the fresher and students.

Below are the top job recruiters in Canada,along with the remunerations offered:

  • Goldman & Sachs – CAD 193,000
  • Fasken Martineau – CAD 130,000
  • IBM – CAD 95,000
  • Deloitte – CAD 90,000
  • RBC – CAD 150,000
  • O.A Merrill Lynch – CAD 210,000
  • Accenture – CAD 125,000
  • Amazon – CAD 185,000
  • HSBC – CAD 95,000
  • Stemcells Technologies – CAD 100,000
  • airG Inc – CAD 105,000

Below are the top Universities in Canada that enable employment for the graduate students:

  • UToronto – CAD 105,000 to 303,000
  • Mcgill University – CAD 99,000 to 150,000
  • Queen’s University – CAD 87,000 to 144,000
  • Ryerson University – CAD 61,000 to 82,000
  • SFU – CAD 71,000 to 163,000
  • University of Alberta – CAD 75,000 to 97,000
  • UBC – CAD 104,000 to 235,000
  • University of Manitoba – CAD 38,000 to 130,000
  • University of Ottawa – CAD 55,000 to 167,000
  • Dalhousie University – CAD 55,000 to 120,000
  • Carleton University – CAD 60,000 to 95,000
  • Brock University – CAD 48,000 to 58,000

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