How to Renovate and Design Your Home Based on Your Astrological Sign

Renovate and Design


Every home has a story. When you buy a home, you develop a personal connection with it. Since your home is your haven, you would want to have something that reflects who you are.

Also, home renovation and repair from time to time is also important to maintain its value and quality. But when it comes to renovating and redesigning your home, it is always a good idea to do it as per your astrological sign. However, hiring an astro-architect and customizing your home renovation won’t come cheap. An instant loan through a loan app can come handy in rebuilding your house based on your zodiac sign.

Read on to discover the design specifics that would best suit your astrological sign.

Tips to Renovate and Design Your Home Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Take a look at our suggestions for home renovation and decor for all zodiac signs.


As Aries is a fire sign ruled by the planet Mars the best colours for them are red, orange, gold, and hot pink. To bring out their innovative, risk-taking side, the west-facing side should have bolder hues like yellow or orange for a full wall or statement accessories. Red can make Arian feel hostile, but if you wish you can use it on the south side of the house. Also, never locate mirrors and water fountains on the east side of your home.


The best colours recommended for Taurus are brown, earthy tones, cream and blue. Being an earth sign Taurus should employ subtle hues and neutral colours to properly evoke the sense of stability they seek in their life. Taurus also need a comfortable to release their stress hence picking a comfortable sectional sofa would be a good choice. Given the reputation for the enjoyment of delicious food, one of the focal points for Taurus will be their kitchen where they should spend the most time designing.


For Gemini, the best shades are orange, lime green, chartreuse, canary yellow, and viridian green. Gemini should invest in a single, high-quality statement piece of decor rather than stuffing each area of their house with an assortment of trinkets and accessories since they appreciate an efficient and clutter-free environment. Although they frequently use green, mirrors help to create harmony across the house.


Cancer always seeks balance in their life. Even though Cancers may travel every day, their home is where they truly find serenity. The colours recommended for cancers are vintage pastels, Wedgewood blue, white, and lavender. Cancerians thrive in homes filled with calming colours and nostalgic items since they are controlled by the moon and water. Their main priority is saving for a pleasant future, and the northeast corner of the house is considered to be the most fortunate location. Add a dash of crimson to the east side of the home for luck.


The fire sign Leo is ruled by the centre of the solar system, the Sun. The best hues for Leos are yellow, Bordeaux, rust, turquoise, and gold. This zodiac sign is deeply possessive about their house and their loved ones. Leos are known for their impeccable taste in classy things which is why most of their home is inspired by classic architecture like antiquated books, family artwork, old pictures, or trip souvenirs to reflect their culture and background. As Leos are party animals as well they may throw a lot of parties at their home, so highlighting their house with bright colours like gold, yellow and orange is excellent for them


Virgos are known for aiming for perfection, they want everything to be symmetrical and to the point. In contrast to other signs who want to have a bunch of people at home, Virgo desires a quiet environment. They want to have that feeling that they are finally at home when they enter their house. Something significant or sentimental should be positioned in each room’s crevices to prevent them from seeming empty and give it a more homely feeling. A Virgo’s personality is best complemented by hues of violet, taupe, navy, lime, clean-linen white, and ochre.


Libra truly values connections above everything, this implies that they look for something in their house that gives a sense of tenderness, elegance, and grace. They would want their house to be cosy and unobtrusively structured. Libras are also regarded as the artistic sign of the zodiac and strive for balance by surrounding themselves with opulent objects and combining decor items in perfect harmony. The best colour for this sign is baby blue, lavender, grey, and pale pink.


Like Leos, Scorpios also enjoy flaunting luxurious furnishings in their house with striking display pieces. Soft and velvety furnishings and linens will naturally appeal to them. Apart from that a swimming pool or a fountain may assist this zodiac in staying in touch with water, which is their natural element. The best hues for this sign are yellow, black, plum, blood red, crimson, orange, and Prussian blue, these colours will help them to quell their aggressive outbursts


Since Sagittarius are very active and are inclined to wanderlust, their interior should be something that resembles the nature of this sign. The interior of Sagittarius should showcase their love for the outdoors and give a sense of freedom. Simple, organic elements can help them feel more connected to their love of nature, such as a bowl of fruit, a potted plant, or a vase of fresh flowers. This sign doesn’t like to deviate from the norm when it comes to house decor, so all colours are safe around them. But, these signs are fascinated by the neutral colours, plum, turquoise, colours of sunrise and sunset, and green.


Capricon is said to be the most responsible zodiac sign. Keeping their nature in mind their home is defined by conventional colours and ancestral furnishings. Classic items like leather sofas, grandfather clocks, and finely woven carpets are among the traditional items that Capricorn adores. To absorb any overpowering energy, avoid placing two reflecting objects next to one other and instead position a mirror next to large wooden pieces of furniture. To avoid a gloomy and stuffy environment, stick to colours like light blue, dove grey, hunter green, navy, and white.


Your house should have a free-spirited, spontaneous atmosphere, much like your approach toward social situations, networking events, or life in general. Aquarians adore a house that has a touch of flow with its furniture placement and decor as a nod to their water sign. While their preferred colour is pastel blue, turquoise, violet, electric blue, and silver this sign looks great with contemporary features made of glass and steel. Lastly, the furnishings in the house should all be movable and lightweight enough to reposition whenever the mood strikes.


Pisceans are utopian visionaries, and their dwellings become outward reflections of their vibrant mental landscape. For their home decor, they look for a workable solution that adds diversity to the home to quickly alter or redesign modest decorations and furniture seasonally. This zodiac sign is attentive to others’ needs and to the colours in their house, which is why the best colours that will suit their needs are light lavender, peach, sea-foam green, silver, and gradient blue. Being a delicate and intriguing person Pisces focuses on life’s most idyllic parts, creating a calm environment that supports the free-flowing of your imaginative thoughts while allowing life’s pressures to magically disappear.

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Your astrological signature is a way of life, not just a weekly column in the newspaper. Therefore, it shouldn’t be a surprise that it also affects your personal life. Your house and the personal place you have painstakingly created for yourself is your most-priced possession. So why should you compromise on its redecoration? With an instant loan you can create your dream home decor.

Even if getting a personal loan is a simple alternative, you shouldn’t request more funds than you need or take it for granted. Making a budget and determining how much money you have on hand for renovations are good places to start. After that, you can use a loan app to apply for a personal loan to cover any remaining shortfalls. You can apply for a little bit more money than you actually need, but you should keep it to a minimal amount since else you risk falling into a debt trap.

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