How Long Does It Take to Seal Coat a Parking Lot?

How Long Does it Take to Seal Coat a Parking Lot


There are many reasons to seal coat your parking lot. According to the experts at Dallas-based Parking Lot Pros, asphalt seal coatingĀ prolongs the life of the parking lot and will protect it from damage. In fact, by seal coating the parking lot, you could potentially save tens of thousands of dollars in repair costs over the life of the asphalt.

If you have decided to go ahead with asphalt seal coating, you might now be wondering when the best time is to do it as well as how long the process takes. Read on to find out more.

When Should Asphalt Seal Coating be Done?

A newly laid asphalt parking lot should not be seal-coated immediately. It isrecommendedto wait for a minimum of six months before applying a seal coat to an asphalt parking lot to give it time to settle and cure.

If your parking lot is in need of a seal coat, you should make sure that it is done when external conditions are at their optimum level. It is best to apply seal coat in dry conditions when the temperature is warm as this will allow the coating to dry quicker. Spring and summer are therefore the best times for a parking lot to be seal coated. Ideally, you would choose a time when there is no rain in the immediate forecast. Low humidity is also good when it comes to asphalt seal coating because the surrounding air is more likely to absorb moisture from the seal coat.

How Long Does Seal Coating Take?

Many business owners want to know how long it will take for their parking lot to be seal coated, from start to finish. The length of time it takes for the seal coat to be applied will typically depend on the size of the parking lot and the number of coats required. The procedures required will also depend on the type of parking lot you have.

In most instances, two coats of seal coat will be applied.If you have a large lot though, it may be necessary for a third coat to be applied. This third coat allows for added protection and a deeper coating. The professionals can usually ensure that the full application is done within one day. After that, you will need to wait until the coat is fully cured and dry before the parking lot can be used.

As mentioned above, the external weather conditions will determine how long it takes for the seal coating to dry fully. In perfect conditions, the coating will be dry within eight hours, but it is usually recommended to be left for a full 24-hours before it is used. Some professionals ask their customers to wait for 72hours to ensure that the asphalt is completely cured. Asphalt seal coat will dry quicker in direct sunlight but if any areas are shaded, it may take longer to dry.


Businesses with asphalt parking lots are advised to have it seal coated periodically to extend its lifetime and to reduce the amount spent on repair work. New asphalt parking lots should be left for a minimum of six months before any seal coating is applied. This is to ensure that it can settle fully before it is sealed.

Seal coat application can typically be completed in one day. How long it takes to dry depends on weather conditions, but most experts recommend leaving it for between 24 and 72 hours to ensure that the coat has completely dried. After that, it can be used as normal.

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