6 Questions to Ask Before Renting Office Space

Renting Office Space


Have you ever felt like the perfect office space is just out of reach? Maybe your current office isn’t big enough, or it’s too expensive. If you’re meeting with a meeting space provider, the first few questions that will be asked are: “How many people need meeting space?” and “What is your meeting frequency?” There are other crucial factors to consider before renting offices and meeting spaces.

How Much Space Do I Need and How Big Is the Office Building?

The size of the office building and how much space you need are key factors to consider. If you’re a startup or a small business, you might not need as much space as a larger company. You also want to make sure that the office building is in a convenient location for your employees and clients.

What Are the Utilities Like in the Building?

Besides the size of the office, you’ll want to ask about the utilities. The office building might have great meeting spaces, but if the heating and air conditioning are horrible, then it will not be a good fit for your company.

Is There Parking Available?

If you’re driving to work, you’ll need a place to park your car. You’ll also want a place that’s near to public transportation for employees who have to commute via train or bus.

Is There a Meeting Space in the Building?

You might think about renting office spaces if you need meeting rooms, but before committing to an office, make sure it has meeting rooms available so your company can get the most out of your meeting space rental.

What Are the Costs Associated with Renting?

When you’re looking at the office and common spaces within it, make sure you know what it will cost to rent each month and how those fees might change as your business grows. You’ll want a meeting room that is affordable but also has amenities like meeting rooms or an office that will grow with your company.

Is There a Security Deposit?

You’ll want to know what the meeting room rental fees are and if you need to pay a fee upfront, besides the monthly rent. Make sure it will not be too difficult to get out of the lease if your business doesn’t work out by reading the terms and agreements before putting down a deposit.

The decision to rent office space is big. Before you make the commitment, it’s important to ask yourself some questions and consider what your goals are for this move. If you’re just looking for an interim solution while waiting for construction or renovations, then renting may be more than enough. There are plenty of benefits associated with both rental agreements, so don’t get lost trying to decide what is best before asking these six questions!

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