Seo is more than high search engine placement

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It may be that when starting a business, especially an online business, or even a traditional business that wants to bring traffic from the internet, the premature desire is to appear on Google and receive visits and leads. Many entrepreneurs try everything they can find to achieve that goal.

The Goal

However, SEO is much more than getting listed on Google. SEO requires a complete and long-term strategy that not only involves placing a few keywords and getting a lot of links. The Internet is about users, not search engines. Building a website solely to rank on Google and get a few hits won’t bring the long-term results you really want. Well, what exactly do you want? Selling is exactly what you should want, and it is not necessarily about commercial activity.

You always have to sell something, whether it is an idea, a concept, a product, a service, a cause, or something else. To sell you need to connect with your target audience. It is for them that you have to do everything, which would include the design of your website to be oriented towards users, your visitors, and your potential buyers.

The Strategies

You have to make all the strategies you used to promote your business revolve around your brand, how users connect with it, and not follow a set of mechanical rules just to satisfy your online presence. You might be more focused on how many times you repeat a word, how do you link to a site, and much more, but what really matters are the users. You should focus on them, fall in love with them, and satisfy them. The rest will come naturally. Users will talk about you. Therefore, they will link you, socialize you, share you, participate on your site or community. All this will happen if you think first of contributing something to them. Give your users something that they can use. Give them something to talk about, and give them something they can share.

The Brand

You cannot sacrifice the brand or the purpose of your business just to appear with a few keywords. Instead, you must focus on the added value of your product. Contribute something significant, something that distinguishes you, something that prevents you from losing your identity, or your style just so that a robot takes you into account. If you make your site thinking of users and give them what they want, Google will also have what it wants, as it strives for the same goal and that is to satisfy the need of users in the search for information. Following the rules mechanically will only bring you partial results; you cannot look for immediate results that put the essence of your business at stake. Let everything happen as a natural process by thinking first of the users.


If you think about users, then you will create a friendly site So that they can easily navigate your site, you will do it quickly so that they do not have to wait. You will provide valuable content so that they have something to read. You will make it relevant so that they find what they are looking for. In addition, as a natural result of this, the users will talk about your site completing the SEO cycle: onsite optimization, link building, and social media. SEO in Tampa Bay explains more about how to go beyond high search engine placement.

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