Reduce Your Bike Insurance Premium with These 6 Tricks

Bike Insurance


If you own a two-wheeler, it is mandatory to buy Third-Party Insurance cover under the Motor Vehicle Act. However, this may not be enough. With the rise in accidents and untoward road incidents, your bike requires additional protection. Third-party covers only manage the payments when anyone gets hurt by your bike. To protect yourself further, you need to buy a Comprehensive Policy.

The Comprehensive Bike Insurance is your saviour during road mishaps and other calamities. It offers broad coverage at a higher rate but is worth it. Ensure to find the best and most affordable plan covering all your requirements.

How to buy?

It is possible to buy everything online, including Insurance Policies. Select the ideal plan, visit their website, read the policy terms, benefits, inclusions, and coverage, and pay the premium through Net Banking. It saves time and effort while ensuring you get the best coverage for your bike.Here are a few tricks to reduce the premium:

Compare plans

It is beneficial to compare Two Wheeler Insurance schemes offered by companies. Check the coverages, bonuses offered, and tailor the policy according to the requirements. Doing so helps reduce the premiums. For example, if you buy a policy to cover a rarely used bike, it does not require as much coverage as a policy for a motorcycle used daily. It makes the former affordable.

Pay for minor repairs

It is better to pay for minor repairs caused by accidents than to claim it from the General Insurance provider. Most policies offer a No Claim Bonus for every year you do not claim on them. This bonus helps reduce the premium significantly for the following year. Keep your bonus intact by avoiding small claims.


All policies offer add-ons for extra coverage at an added cost. Some are Roadside Assistance, Zero-Depreciation, etc. It is necessary to opt for them wisely by assessing your requirements. Also, select them during Bike Policy renewal.

Long-term plans

Two Wheeler Insurance comes with an option to choose a policy of up to three years. Selecting longer terms reduces the premium since the amount does not change for the entire duration. Yearly renewal of the policies, on the contrary, usually increases the premium with every renewal.

Timely renewal

It is essential to renew your existing policy before completing the tenure. It saves all the accrued benefits and lets you pay the premium online without much paperwork. For this, provide some policy details and make online payment of the required premium. Set one up while buying online 2-Wheeler Insurance if you need a reminder. Usually, you get reminder emails and SMS notifications from the provider for policy renewal beforehand.

Buy from the existing company

If you have bought other plans like Health or Travel Insurance from a particular company, try buying online Bike Insurance. This way, you will likely receive loyalty discounts on your premium, significantly reducing the amount payable.


Insuring yourself and your bike is a sensible decision, legally required for your long-term well-being. With a valid policy, timely renewal, and no claims, you get rewards from the provider while escaping legal trouble.

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