How To Know When You Need Help Managing Your Debt

How To Know When You Need Help Managing Your Debt


Debt is not a new idea. It has been used to purchase homes, vehicles, and business supplies for generations. Of course, that doesn’t make you feel better if you are drowning in it. If you are in debt, keep an eye out for signs like these that it may be time to get help.

You Are Missing Payments

If you miss a payment once in a while because a due date slipped your mind, that’s one thing. If you are regularly missing payments because you can’t afford them, you may want to reach out to Rescue One Financial to develop a payment plan you can actually meet.

You Can’t Imagine Paying Off Balances

When you tally everything up, between your mortgage, student loans, and credit card balances, do you owe more than you can ever dream of repaying? Debt resolution may be an option. A Rescue One Financial counsellor will negotiate with creditors on your behalf, attempting to lower balances and freeze accumulating interest so you can get back in control.

You Are Using Credit for Everyday Purchases

If you are using credit cards for everyday purchases, like groceries and utilities, and you aren’t paying full balances each month, then you may need help managing your debt and building a budget.

The ability to take on debt can be a useful tool in some situations. However, it can quickly spiral out of control. take charge of your financial picture by managing your debt and building a solid plan to follow.

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