Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania- An Overview of Sustainable Farming

Hillandale Farms


Today sustainable farming caters to the demands of the present as well as the future generations on the planet. The food products that are grown from this type of farming practice are free from chemicals. People are able to consume food products that are healthier and non-toxic in nature. Moreover, sustainable farming practices ensure that the soil is protected and no harm is done to the biodiversity of the planet.

Hillandale Farms Pennsylvaniaan esteemed name in sustainable farming 

Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania is a credible name when it comes to sustainable farming and organic food products. The experts here state sustainable agriculture is vital because it gives you a solution to all of the problems caused by the methods of food being grown today. The farming methods of today that have primarily stemmed from the Green Revolution of the 1950s to 1960s are depleting the natural resources of the Earth via the overuse of fertilizers, pesticides, and monocultures, along with other harmful practices. These techniques have left people with imbalanced access to nutrition and food across the globe.

The need to take sufficient action to save the planet and its resources

 According to the experts of these farms, the soil of the environment is a non-renewable resource, and with the aid of sustainable farming practices, its health can be preserved. The professionals here also believe that when food production is placed in the hands of responsible communities like advocates of sustainable farming, food injustices can be resolved, and health disparities can be resolved among people.

The importance of animal welfare on the farms 

A majority of animals are raised for human consumption on farms. However, the conditions in which they are presented are bad for their wellbeing. Advocates of sustainable farming take the onus to reform these industrial practices to ensure the health of the animals is taken care of. One such method to take care of these animals is to reduce the use of antibiotics.

Certified for animal welfare

When it comes to certifications, the United Egg Producers and Animal Humane certify Hillandale Farms. At these farms, sustainability is essential and central to their fundamental values. The experts deploy every emerging technique and technology to boost the quality of life for their employees, customers, and chickens. They go the extra mile to reduce their impact on the environment and ensure that the natural resources of the planet are not depleted or its ecosystems harmed in any way.

The professionals of Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania state that in the olden days, the manure in chicken houses used to stay there was as long as five months at a single time. They are one of the first farms to execute a belt system that cleans one-third of their houses daily. They also recycle the manure on the farm to use as fertilizers.

The farms also have designed their houses with many powerful fans to ensure that the quality of air for everyone on the farm is at its maximum and there is no spill-off into critical water irrigation systems.

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