Amazon ASIN Vs SKU: Know the Difference

Amazon ASIN Vs SKU: Know the Difference


The Amazon is a river of different new opportunities to start a business. But it needs technical understanding to start earning with it. Two terms may confuse the newcomers. The first one is the Amazon ASIN number and the second one is the SKU.

Understanding both terms is important to get a successful career on Amazon.

Amazon ASIN numbers and SKU numbers both are product identifiers and have different purposes. ASIN numbers help to identify different products on amazon. On the other hand, SKUs are useful to manage inventory. Smart sellers on Amazon use both the number to track their marketing and products. A deep understanding of the ASIN and SKU can help you get better results.

Amazon ASIN Number:

Amazon ASIN is a specific identification number that is also known as Amazon Standard Identification Number. It is crucial to bring your sale items to the list of amazon search results. The users can reach your item whether they search using an ASIN number or product name.

It can be easily found on the URL of the product and at the bottom of the product detail page. ASIN lookup tool can help you if you are selling a variety of items on Amazon.

If you are selling a new product that no one is selling on amazon then it may be beneficial in terms of ASIN and sales as there is no other seller of the same items or it may be risky because of the less demand for that particular item. You can also create a new ASIN for the item that you are going to sell on Amazon.

What IS SKU?

SKU is also known as stock-keeping units. It is used by Amazon to track and identify items. Amazon can create a stock-keeping unit for you if you do not have any. But it has a drawback because it is used by Amazon and it can create problems for you to manage your stock and identify your product.

You can also create an SKU number for yourself. There are different SKU generators available online that generate SKU for you that provide key information for your product.

You can also use a combination of letters and digits in your stock keeping unit to express the details about the manufacturer of your product, the country where it is manufactured, and the product’s price, color, and condition.

The stock-keeping unit or SKU that is generated by yourself will not only be easier to track your marketing and product information but will also give you the freedom to manage your stock and products. You can also see your products that are selling across the marketplaces and the filled orders by filtering the ASIN number and stock-keeping units of your products.

This facility will help you to track your stock and order for more where it is necessary. You can also use different profit and loss tracking tools because they can track your sales detail and products in a better way.

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