A Complete Guide To Scanner Maintenance

Scanner Maintenance


Many firms increasingly rely on scanners. Failure or repair of your scanner may cost you not only direct time and money but can also cause functions to slow down. Maintaining a scanner isn’t rocket science, but it’s easy to ignore errors you might be making that affect the lifetime and durability of your scanner and cause functionality issues.

Let’s look at the ways to keep your automated scanner in check:

1. Invest In a Quality Scanner

A bad scanner is more likely to give your challenges during your scanning efforts. Whether you need automated scanning capabilities or manual scanning, quality is central.

Do extensive research before purchasing scanners for your company. Find reputable manufacturers that provide high-quality products and excellent after-sales service.

2. Avoid Drops

Mishandling your scanner will shorten its life. Most scanners come with holders to improve grip and prevent drops. Every wired or wireless scanner has a drop resistance rating. Check to see what level your scanner can handle.

3. Keep it Clean

Daily usage in a working environment may dirty your scanner, allowing dust or dirt to settle and build in its nooks and gaps. Therefore, cleaning your scanner should be done regularly, and it should be done carefully.

Aside from the hardware, cleaning your reading lens on a regular basis can improve scanning accuracy.

4. Store it Appropriately

Just like any other electronic device, scanners are vulnerable to external elements.

Direct sunshine and severe heat are apparent stressors that may degrade performance and shorten the life of your scanner. It should also be a routine to keep your scanner away from direct water, severe dust, or wet environments.

5. Call Your Technician

Sometimes, playing technician when you have a damaged scanner may result in further damage.

With the help of a technician, you can restore your scanner’s functionality. Some sellers offer after-sale services that may include free repairs. Take advantage of these to keep your scanner in good condition always.

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