5 Key Points To Keep In Mind When Shopping For NY Business Insurance

Business Insurance


Insurance is a necessity of life, whether you are a homeowner or a business owner. It is protection against the unexpected, which means having it is an absolute must. Shopping for the best possible insurance can seem like an audacious and tedious task for a business owner. Don’t let the shopping process for NY business insurance overwhelm you. It’s easier than you think to get the right insurance coverage for your company.

Bear in mind that not all businesses need the same coverage. Use the nature of your business to help you get the right coverage for it. What should you consider when looking for insurance, and what is the most common insurance businesses tend to go with?

Recognize Possible Business Risks

When choosing your insurance coverage, you need to know what kind of insurance would be best for your business. As a New York state business owner, you are liable to be affected by storms such as hurricanes or snowstorms. Be sure that your insurance offers protection from such events.

Ask each insurance company you are considering what they offer in terms of coverage. They are better equipped to know the common risks business owners face in your particular location and business type.

Shop With Help Of An Independent Agency

You can shop around for the best coverage yourself or work with an independent insurance agency that can find the best coverage for your particular needs and business for those companies operating in your area. This allows you to compare the different rates and coverage and find the right company for you.

General Liability

The majority of businesses should invest in general liability insurance for protection against financial and legal liabilities. If your business is ever sued for property damage, personal injury or advertising injuries, the coverage will cost the costs associated with damages, settlements and litigations. It helps with:

  • Legal fees and settlements
  • Medical expenses of injured third-parties
  • Property damage

Business Interruption Protection

It’s also good to get insurance should your business close for a covered event. This coverage will help you get through the downtime while you must close the business. If a covered event forces you to close your business, you can get insurance to cover the income loss.

The majority of policies do offer temporary relocation financial assistance if your business is closing for repairs. If people work for you, the insurance could also cover their wages if they are unable to work due to the covered event. This coverage is known as Business Interruption Insurance and will help you retain your employees while the company is closed.

As the old saying goes, hope for the best, prepare for the worst. If the worst should occur, the insurance will cover you during this time.

Property and Business Building Coverage

Insurance for your property and building is necessary for every business owner. This coverage is protection for your business if the building or property is damaged, covering the cost of replacing, repairing or rebuilding the building or property.

There are a plethora of business property and building insurance coverages out there. Make sure to find the coverage that’s right for your business. How much you pay in coverage depends on three things:

  • how much the replacement is for your building and property
  • kind of business you operate
  • risks tied to the business

The coverage should also offer protection for your physical assets – office furniture, filing cabinets, computers, inventory, etc. – that results from loss or damage. You want plenty of coverage to help you replace these items if they have been broken or destroyed.

When shopping for a NY insurance quote it’s always good to request more coverage than less when it comes to proper protection for a business in New York. Talk with an insurance agent to be sure you find the coverage that fits your needs and your business.

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