Your guide to earning money through high-paying referral programs

referral programs


Referrals are helpful for both individuals and enterprises. They help individuals get the product or service they are after, while the latter can earn business. Institutions of every kind rely on referrals one way or another, and some of them even run referral programs to attract more customers. Referrals are also helpful for individuals, as they can earn a sizeable income simply by referring their contacts to a product or service.

What is a referral program?

A referral is a simple act of giving someone direction. Referral programs use the concept of referrals for the mutual benefit of individuals and businesses. Individuals who refer others to a company earnrewards in the form of cash or vouchers for a brand.

A structured referral program, which attracts customers by promoting referrals, comes with referral benefits and incentives. However, while many firms may try to lure you with attractive referral offers, it is essential to know if they are legitimate. You do not want to partner with an organisation that uses your referrals without giving you something in return.

Hence, it is better to stick to established companies with a name in the market. The MyFIRST Partner personal loan referral app, built by IDFC FIRST Bank, is one of them.

How to earn money using the MyFIRST Partner app?

It is easy to earn money using the MyFIRST Partner app. It has a simple interface, and anyone can understand the referral process. Here is a quick guide you must follow to earn money off the MyFIRST Partner referral app:

  • Download the app

You need to download the MyFIRST Partner referral app. You can download the app from the Google Play Store. Search for the app and then click on the first result. 

  • Refer the app to your contacts

The only way to earn money through referral apps is by sharing it with your contacts. As far as the MyFIRST Partner referral app is concerned, you can earn through it by referring people who require personal loans. The loans availed can be used for many reasons, including wedding and home renovation. Every time someone uses your referral to get a personal loan, you will profit. 

  • Get paid weekly

With the MyFIRST Partner referral app, you earn a commission every time a person uses your referral to get a loan. You can get weekly payoffs for every successful referral. Referrals are, hence, a safe way to earn quick money.

You can earn up to ₹50,000 a month if you regularly use the MyFIRST Partner referral app. The app can also help your friends and family who need a quick loan.

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