Stacey Tokunaga- The Workers Compensation Act and Rights

Stacey Tokunaga- The Workers Compensation Act and Rights


In the USA, every state has its own set of laws for Workers Compensation. The amount of compensation every worker gets, entitled benefits under the Act and the circumstances under which this compensation is given to the workers vary from State to State. Unfortunately, many people are not aware of these laws, and it is only when an incident occurs, do they seek legal intervention.

Stacey Tokunaga – Every worker should know his legal rights and duties

Stacey Tokunaga is the founder of SLT Law at Orange County in California in the USA. She is the managing partner of this firm established in 1994. She and her team are committed to offering excellence, effective file management, dedicated services to clients, and prompt responsiveness when it comes to the legal issues pertaining to Workers’ Compensation Defense Law and other relevant documentation that relate to the same.

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This law is often confusing to many as since they generally do not have the desire to know their state laws, many of them are ignorant and not aware of the rights to adequate compensation for an injury. They do not consult lawyers until a case is filed. She says if you are a worker and employed, you must know the Workers Compensation Act’s details so that you are fully protected at the workplace. Consult a good lawyer to know your rights as this will protect you against any kind of discrepancies that might arise overtime at work.

Making the Workers Compensation Act and Claims simpler for clients

Stacey Tokunaga says many people are not aware of their legal rights when it comes to Worker’s Compensation and so it is here that she makes an honest endeavor to explain to them the laws of the land. She adds that communication is a powerful weapon for lawyers to use when they need to educate their clients. If you examine the Bare Acts of Law, you will find the language is complex and often hard for the layman to comprehend. It is here that lawyers play a role in making them understand the laws in simple language. A good lawyer must interpret the land laws to their clients so that they know their legal duties and rights. At the same time, it is imperative for lawyers to aggressively represent their clients in court. They should for their clients’ best interests and understand verbal and non-verbal cues of communication to ensure the case does not go against their favor.

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As per Stacey Tokunaga, in many ways; the legal profession has a lot of action revolving around the courtroom. Law investigators and lawyers work hard to search for crucial evidence in their clients’ best interests so that cases get a favorable verdict. They should be good orators in the court proceedings to get their points across, and most importantly, they must be dedicated and passionate about their work. The aim is to ensure that claims for workers’ compensation are presented to the competent court of law at the correct time, and clients should be aware of their duties and legal rights to get justice.

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