Knocking Your Interview Out of the Park

Knocking Your Interview Out of the Park


Over the past few months, the unemployment numbers have gone up, as COVID-19 has seen many people laid off and businesses closing. Once the threat of the pandemic has passed, you may find yourself sending out resumes and trying to find a new job. If you are willing to relocate, there are employment opportunities Washington DC businesses have opened all across the Capitol. When you finally get that call, here`s what to do to knock your interview out of the park.

Pick Your Outfit

What you wear to the interview says everything about who you are as a person and may create assumptions about your work ethic. Scope out the company website or social media page for a feel for how the employees there dress, then do your best to seem like a natural fit. Make sure your clothes are clean, ironed, and well-fitting.

Practice Your Greeting

Your stomach may be in flutters when you head into the interview, so it is best to have a solid greeting nailed down into a habit. Good posture, a firm handshake, and a genuine smile are the selling points of your personality. Speak clearly and address the interviewer by name in your greeting.

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Know Your Resume Inside and Out

Even though you may have sent your resume in with your application, you should have everything on it memorized. Know the chronology of your work history and noted tasks while employed with the different companies. Have clear cut examples of your duties and skills acquired.

Come With Your Own Questions

This is a crucial step many leave out. You are also wanting to know if you are a good fit for the company, so have some questions in mind about the position, the atmosphere, and longevity potential with the position.

Preparing for an interview gives you more confidence when you sit across from the HR representative. Remember that you have a lot to offer, and go fight for the job you want.

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