Increasing Popularity of Tote Bags – Why to Choose Them Over Others?

Increasing Popularity of Tote Bags


Tote bags are single panel bags with looped handles that are secured on either side of aperture. In order to get an enlarged and strengthened structure, a side panel, interior and exterior pockets and base is added to them. Before proceeding ahead to the advantages of these bags, let’s try to understand the origin of these bags. The word tote is of American origin.

History behind tote bags

In the year 1944, an American brand introduced a large box shaped bag that was used to carry ice from freezer to the car. As the bag was sturdy and versatile, it became instantly popular at that time. Further, they started coming in different designs, colors and ranges. Initially, these were made from plastic, cotton or even nylon that can be easily folded and kept in a pocket when they have met their needs.

Tote bags provide you an easy way to carry essential items that otherwise you have to put in your pockets. People can comfortably run errand with tote bags on their shoulders. Many times, you can just carry tote bag to the market and put all the items in it. These bags are made from different types of materials. Some of the common kind of materials includes drapery fabric, denim, woven fabric material, canvas to name a few. Upholstery fabric is new in the industry and fairly sturdy in nature. Not only this, you will find them in all sorts of colors, shapes and sizes.

Many people carry bags that have their logo printed on it. This is a brilliant way of marketing a new clothing brand or shoes collection or an upcoming movie to name a few. It is good to send such items like Tote Bags with Logo to the prospective customers to build more customer base. The more they carry them, the more they will become familiar with the brand.

While designing the customizable tote bags for your prospective customers, you must choose a good quality brand. Make sure that the brand you choose is not only affordable, but have years of expertise in this field. You have to consider everything, including the prices they are charging for the banks, graphics designing and the entire cost of printing process.  It is important that you get multiple estimates from different companies and then finalize the best one.

Jute bags

These days tote bags made from jute are widely available in the markets. Jute is a vegetable fiber that was initially used for sacking. Most of this material is produced in India. Due to their cheap, biodegradable and strong nature, jute tote bags have become increasingly popular among the masses.

A leather tote bag on the other hand is an expensive choice, but it is worth it. You will make a style statement with this bag wherever you go. Like jute bags, they are also quite sturdy and highly durable. Not only this, the leather bags can be easily folded and cleaned whenever required.

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