How To Keep Up With Air Compressor Maintenance

Air Compressor Maintenance


Air compressor maintenance can be a challenging task. However, the practices are almost similar for all kinds of models. First, inspecting the components is quite important. In case of failure, there can be issues cropping up. In case, the problems are grave, you can opt for the best air compressor repair service, to maintain the health of your air compressor. With suitable repair services, the air compressors keep on working in good condition for a long time.

Here are some of the crucial tips to follow if you want to keep up with the maintenance of the air compressor:

1. Work as Per User Manual

You can solve most of the common concerns with air compressors through some instructions mentioned in the user’s manual. Reading the user’s manual from top to bottom with scrutiny should be one of the most essential tasks to perform just after you buy an air compressor. For example, if there is some issue with the connection or particular part of the air compressor, you may find out in detail about that part in the manual and get it fixed. This makes the task easier and hassle-free. Also, you can opt for fixing quickly. 

There are several maintenance tips already provided in the user’s manual. For example, which things to avoid for specific parts. These are quite helpful and will often prevent any big problem from arising. Also, abstain from trying to fix anything on your air compressor without reading about it in the user’s manual.

2. Intake Valves Cleaning

Air compressors need periodical cleaning. While it may not be possible or needed to clean them every day, cleaning once every month may be a good option. An air compressor will work perfectly, only if there are clean intake valves. If you keep on using the air compressors without proper cleaning, the vents will not function to their full capacity. There are various pollutants and air-borne dust and dirt particles that may choke the vents. Thus it is important to clean the vents regularly. 

The problem of clogged vents reduces the functional efficiency of the air compressors. This issue enhances if you live in an environment that has factories and other pollution-prone areas in the vicinity. Even if you live in a suburban and clean environment it is important to clean the intake vents at least once every three months to ensure that the air compressor is working fine. 

3. Scheduled Replacement of Air Filter

On regular usage, the air filters of the compressor get choked with dust and trap lots of impurities. These reduce the working efficiency of the air compressors. There is an assortment of pneumatic tools in the air compressor, that gets horribly affected if you do not change the air filters often. Though the air compressors come with the capacity to tolerate plenty of junk, the air filters remain in good health if checked on time. The performance of the filters and other pneumatic tools remain satisfactory if the air filters are in proper working modality. 

To replace the air filters properly, you need to opt for some professional services. Call up for reputed and professional air compressor repair services and change the air filters whenever needed. The purity of the air is very important when it comes to working air compressors. Many people also suffer from various respiratory disorders such as asthma. For them, to stay in a room where the air filter is not up to the mark can be fatal. Hence it is crucial to change the air filters on time. Usually, for the good brands, you can opt for changing them annually.

4. Keep the Tanks Free of Condensate

Accumulation of condensate in the tanks is one of the issues that are very common in air compressor functioning. Compressed air will inevitably lead to the generation of condensate. If you find that the air coming out of the compressor is no longer mixture free, be sure that there is some problem with the condensate tank. It is easy to clean it by yourself once you know the process. Otherwise, opt for professional services. Follow the user manual for further queries. 

Final Words

A reputed air compressor repair service can help to maintain the good health of the air compressor for a long time. At the same time, it will save you from the huge expenses of any massive malfunctioning. Repair services are not always intended to repair dysfunctional parts. Sometimes, it could also be a call for maintenance. 

Maintaining the air compressor at home with some tips is enough to keep your compressor working fine for a long time. But in case of serious problems, professional help is vital. Also, do not try to fix things by yourself if you do not have experience as that could lead to some other problems and at times to permanent damage of the air compressors.

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