Five Ways In Which PDF Format Makes Everyday Life Easier

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The PDF file format is becoming increasingly popular with businesses and students alike. The reason is better features than some of the other file formats that add to the convenience. Additionally, several online PDF editors are available, which are free and offer all the requisite editing tools. Here are five ways in which PDF format makes everyday life easier.

Universal Compatibility

PDF files do not need a dedicated Operating System for unrestricted access. Up until the advent of PDF by Adobe, the available file formats were developed by Operating System giants. Therefore, those file formats were restricted to their respective OS.

This caused a lot of problems because two people on different OS found it difficult to access the contents of a file. Therefore, PDF became an instant hit because it can be accessed easily irrespective of your PC’s operating system.

Content originality

Different file editing formats are often criticized because they fail to maintain the content’s originality. If I transfer a file in .DOCX format and the receiver’s computer has the required application, he’ll easily get editing access and destroy the genuineness of the content.

Therefore, PDF ensures to present the document in a read-only format, so the document is safe even when there’s a hoard of recipients. This helps maintain the creator’s original idea of presentation. However, some online PDF readers offer basic edit tools such as highlighter, text-box, etc., to allow for commentary addition.

Universal editing tools

Although PDF has restricted editing access, you can still convert it into any desired format and perform the needful tasks. Just type an online PDF converter in your browser and upload the necessary documents. Now, choose the required format such as PDF to Word from Dropbox and wait for the conversion.

Once the file is ready, download it to your browser and start editing on the base application. This easy conversion helps in editing a document in any application, thereby giving liberty to choose from the desired tools.

Password protection

Several PDF readers offer free access to password protection tools. This helps you to secure your file with a key.

You can share the key with limited people to provide for restricted access, thereby saving your business secrets. It is also a key feature for people who want to stop the unauthorized plagiarism of their work.

Easy storage

If you want to shift your business to an online platform and become completely paperless, PDF is the way forward. Several free PDF reader apps are equipped with OCR technology that works in tandem with the device’s camera to scan all the paperwork and store it in PDF format.

This allows for easy switching to the paperless platform without consuming too much space. PDF fields can be easily compressed in a zip folder, which only takes  1/10th of the space on the device. Further, portable scanning support means that you won’t have to invest in hefty devices to perform routine conversion tasks.

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