Assistance from local authorities for your work

Assistance from local authorities for your work


Local authorities offer support programs to finance the development of your home. Thus some aid from the communes, agglomeration communities, general councils or regional councils participate in the improvement of your habitat.

Many public subsidies accompany the work done to reduce your energy consumption or to adapt your home to an occupant with loss of autonomy (elderly, disabled …).

Aid for development work

Local authorities help finance your development work. Indeed, the general councils are strongly involved in the improvement of the habitat and its adaptation to the dependent persons. That is why they are proposing grants for work assistance aimed in particular at bringing housing up to current standards and at making housing healthier. The aid thus makes it possible to secure or develop housing to meet the needs of its occupants who are losing their autonomy.

Often granted under conditions of resources subsidies General Councils finance many works. For example, some work such as ramp installation or the installation of handrails and grab bars can be partially supported.

Aid for energy renovation works

Loans and subsidies from local authorities for your energy renovation work concern old housing and eco-renovation. Thus, to supplement the national aids, the general councils, the regional councils, the municipalities and the associations of agglomerations propose loans and subsidies within the framework of the installation of equipment consuming little energy or operating thanks to renewable energies. This is the case, for example, for the geothermal heating system or the installation of solar panels.

This aid from local authorities can also be used to finance the realization of an energy diagnosis and work aimed at optimizing the overall energy performance of the housing.

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